domenica 19 marzo 2017

Unofficial ammo stowage-forward passageway.

 M45 reload,60 37mm AP shells, extra ammunition for the stbd twin.50

View from above

In place.seen from the hatchway

Oil can and some 105 rd ammo boxes.

Deck portion finally fitted.

martedì 14 febbraio 2017

Test fitting the forward turret

Turret test fitted,turret height yet to be adjusted.

Fit is good and the turret is vertical,having to follow the deck curve/slope and mantain proper alignment would have been a nightmare!

The boat is quite a tight fit inside a Smart fortwo.

Drilling turret and gun platform bases.

Drilling aft turret base with the boat level

Same with forward turret.

Cutting out the foredeck gun platform base; deck level fore to aft,boat level athwartships.


domenica 12 febbraio 2017

Stance control equipment and drilling guides.

Foredeck gun pad located

Center drilled.

Centering pin and drill guide plate(scrap steel bar)

Guide plate fixed in place

Leveling out the hull.(fore to aft)

And athwartship.

Two bubble levels fitted into the hull(engine room)

Planking the deck.

Jig for coamings, deck planks laid around it.

Stern planking,plastic strip  spares location for gunwhale guard covering board.

About 50% of planking completed.
Coaming jig removed,white plastic card is chart table linoleum covering.

Lower hull:weathering&sealing.

Adding barnacles with magic sculpt
Adding waterline marine growth with acrilic gel a laser level line is used to mark the waterline.
More acrilic gel to build up algaes,oil colours to give the right tint and a semi gloss clear paint layer to give that wet effect.

sabato 22 ottobre 2016

More work on the control linkage of the butterfly valves:
Cutting out the clevis forks.

Turning clevis collar and pushrod end piece.

Part installed on 1.2mm brass rod,torque tube arm test fitted.

Two complete pushrods.

Installed & primed.

Butterfly valve closeup,the center muffler is slightly askew,but not readily visible.

Bellcrank closeup.

Another overall view.The planks on the transom are also barely visible,exactely the effect I was after.